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Campaign Police

Kamala’s campaign staff are enraged with this country’s racial inequality, blaming trump’s win on racist white people. Kamala may decide that it’s time to unleash the β€œAbsolute Supreme Sovereign Grandmaster” again and coerce Biden votes. A similar incident occurred In February 2015, when her staff were caught by Santa Clarita Police posing as some kind of bizarre Templar Fraternal Order of campaign police. This time, Kamala has much more clout by way of California race peddling officials able to funnel massive amounts of cash through strawmen foundations like ActBlue and native California CIA clowns like Schiff or Feinstein.

The state department has been working hard along the hollyweird celebritards for long enough to know how to impersonate officials, stage false flags, incite race riots, and even #wrapupsmear anyone, anywhere, anytime. Kamala is getting pretty good at regime change, and now she has a million-man army of social justice pussyhats willing, and able to loot, commit arson, assault, batter and even rob anyone caught outside. Day or night, 24/7.


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Harris has no legislation- don’t matter tho

Now this shithole country’s mayors, governors, CIA clowns, corrupt judges, prison shareholders, big pharma, and the DNC serfs who are ALL endorsing Kamala the harlot; leaving Biden in the dust asap, too. This is a New Age of abortion, abolishing rights, defunding police, and open borders like never before seen! Democrats had almost 4 years since 2015 to fine-tune the takedown of America.

If you thought California had an excuse to be a failed state, then let’s see how the rest of this pigsty unfolds. Biden is going to win BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, and if anyone even calls it out, it’s election meddling. The issue is NOT what the Democrats have done for this country, because Kamala and the donkeys can exploit ANY ethnicity to garner votes and extort millions, not to mention, you’re probably racist. There has been zero legislation to even compare her policy to either- So, I mean.. It’s just all conjecture.. Plus, if #RussiaGate was a flop then let’s #MakeChinaGreat, fuck it- #Biden2020 πŸ˜€

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