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I think we’ve all seen enough.. Here’s a brief-

So.. this pretty much all started in 2005 when Viktor Yushenko ran a campaign to jail every corrupt criminal in Ukraine as his campaign platform. The oil cronies had to do everything in their power to bribe officials with cash and international intelligence operations by any means necessary to avoid scrutiny, while the rest of ukraine’s shoddy political discourse continued all the way into November 2013 until a violent mob rallied for Yanukovych to step down until the “Maidon Coup” finally occurred in Ukraine. Russia considered the overthrow of Yanukovych (who was democratically elected) to be an illegal coup, and did not recognize the interim government who were rabidly anti-Russian. Russia still claims that the United States orchestrated the coup with intelligence assets who still have ties to the Bolshevik and NAZI parties since the last world war happened. Granted, Russia and Ukraine had an earlier territorial spat in 2008 but their relations improved when Yanukovych took office, (other than an assassination attempt that the lamestream retards continue to deny) prompting the west to stage the ’14 maidon coup with their planted clowns and funding multiple terrorist operations with ukrainian dipshits like sailing through Russia’s Kerch-Yenikale canal to the Port of Berdyansk for God knows what. This is the clown ass CheckList these morons were carrying..

At any rate, it’s apparant that the zionists are behind the wheel with these unelected “leaders” who install themselves into Ukraine’s government. Poroshenko was projected to win the election in 2014 with a fat healthy 58% of the vote but then the Mi6 and CIA stepped in on soro’s dime to insert this comedian dildo named Zelensky. Not only did Zelensky cheat, but he also helped the west setup a digital voting system as a pre-requisite for installing some other puppet in the future. How does Poroshenko; who actually HAD exit polls, lose to Zelensky the b-rate comedian by a “landslide” overnight?! It wasn’t even close?! Russia says Ukraine’s election was rigged and they’re probably correct. The danger with unelected shills like Zelensky, or Guiado, or Brandon is that they don’t represent The People whatsoever. They only represent the corp oil cronies like Halliburton. There’s this cycle of unelected tyrant=energy/pharma/corp toolbag puppet=unrepresented people, see?? The excuse to violate the Misk Accords ceasefire was that “Russian backed forces” used “cluster munitions”. ZERO evidence backs the cluster munition fairy tale besides the Human Rights Watch claim that they found discarded clustermunition casings all over the place. As of March’14, Crimea has been occupied by Russia. Russia’s Investigative Committee opened more than 1,800 criminal cases related to Kiev’s terrorist crimes since 2014.

Under the law of occupation, an occupation is supposed to be temporary and does not alter the status of the territory in question. The occupying power does not enjoy sovereign rights over the territory in question.

The law of military occupation applies to the occupied territory of Crimea. The law of military occupation is set forth in Articles 42 to 56 in the 1907 Hague Regulations, the fourth 1949 Geneva Conventions, and the 1977 Additional Protocol I applicable to international armed conflicts. Both Russia and Ukraine are parties to the 1977 Additional Protocol I.

In addition, both Russia and Ukraine are supposed to be bound by customary international humanitarian laws.

International human rights law also applies. Under the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights, an occupying power, including when acting through local administrative authorities, is obliged to secure the European Convention on Human Rights.

Wikipedia has listed most of these events from 2014- to today

The lamestream zog continue to lie about these facts to this day. Peddling their shitty disinformation. This would be a great place to list the terrorist attacks the the media was caught LYING about since the Minsk Accords were ignored by Ukraine military leaders who previosly agreed with LPR/DPR forces on a 12-point ceasefire deal back in September’14. Almost every ceasefire has been violated by UAF. Russia has finally declared the Minsk Agreement null and void as of 2022, citing multiple violations by UAF.

The battle for Donetsk airport

Donetsk Airport’14

2008-present: Shelling Dontesk- “Seperatists” in eastern Ukraine clearly identify themselves as the Donetsk People’s Republic because more than 50% of Donetsk’s civilians identify as Russian, and not Ukrainian. Ukrainain forces clearly identify the Donetsk People’s Republic as a threat to national security and even try to classify them as “terrorists” without any supporting evidence. Every event has conflicting claims blaming the other party responsible. Lamestream idiots were caught lying about events and blaming those they deem “guilty” with no supporting evidence to support their silly claims to this day. Wikipedia slanders DPR troops with the crimes of ukraine’s idiot NAZIs here. In 2014, Yanukovych was ousted for being “too friendly” to Russia. In 2015, Ukaine’s azov dildos shelled civilians in Donetsk AGAIN, claiming that DPR troops were firing from civilian areas, while ignoring the glaring fact that there’s no way to shell the areas that were hit from the areas that were hit, which were occupied and controlled by DPR. Why and HOW could they shell themselves? So they could blame themself? Makes ZERO sense but the bloomberg/EU clown ass media continue to echo this utter bullshit. In January 2015,  DPR/LPR forces had to take control of Donetsk airport because there were rumors of a pending terror event. The “2015 Shelling of Mariupol” was LPR/DPR removing Ukraine’s lunatic, civil rights abusing NAZIs from the region. There were a few collateral casualties but civilians were not allowed to evacuate for months.

Sporatic, and indiscriminate Donetsk shelling occured between 2008 and 2015 while the war in Georgia seemed to keep everyone pre-occupied with other responsiblities until around 2016 when things in Donbass began to take a bad turn after the Ukrainian jerkoffs decided to police DPR/LPR strongholds in Donbass Region. The People have already voted on joining Russia more than once, and the rest of the world ignores the democratic votes. The journo trannies just called them all “rebels“, and “extremeists” instead of simply recognizing their will. The journos continue to slander the people in Donbass today as “terrorists“. So, decided to publish this and in an attempt to find out what all this muh terrorism is about because I’ve heard the journos say this junk before about other people..🧐

Aivaras Abromavičius was Ukraine’s Minister of Economy and Trade starting in December 2014, then was forced to announce his resignation on 3 February 2016 for leading anti-corruption probe into Ukrainian officials with foreign ties. Oleg Gladkovskyi and NATO sign a “Defence-Technical Co-operation Roadmap”.

Ukroboronprom was established in 2010 and the main focus on corruption as the people were soon protesting against Poroshenko for self-serving, illicit weapons contracts with European countries.

Shelling Donbass 2016-

The barrage of missiles, rockets, and shells really uptick across the entire Donbass region with mostly civilan casualties. The media records schools, hospitals, apartment buildings, and other infrastructure getting destroyed overnight but have this habit of blaming it all on separtist groups without any shred of evidence to support their garbage misinformation campaign other than a premonition of “Russia bad” . 

The events in Donbass have been constantly disputed through 2016. Wikipedia and the lamestream pigs constantly blame Russia and DPR/LPR for every event while the details remain muddy water. Aivaras Abromavičius is removed for investigating corruption. While there doesn’t seem to be much evidence for any “pro-Russian” forces shelling “pro-Russian” civilians; the journos will still continue to claim so regardless, to this day. Everyone of these events seem to be terrirorial. Ukraine forces are constantly provoking DPR/LPR  forces near the deliniation line between donbass and Ukraine. There has been heavy fighting there for almost a decade. Some collateral damage may have killed civilians but there was peace until Ukraine forces encroached. Often when Ukraine forces are retreating, there is some civilian infrastructure becoming a target, then the finger pointing and weird news articles appear, followed by the censorship and smear campaigns. Here is someone else saying the same thing.  Other events also happaned in 2016 like on March 9 2016, Yuriy Hrabovsky, a lawyer representing a detained Russian special forces soldier, Aleksandr Aleksandrov, disappeared in Odessa. Then on March 25, his body was found in a shallow roadside grave. The killing remained under investigation at year’s end, and authorities had made no arrests but Ukraine’s “National Bar Association” claims that the suspects were detained without naming anyone. Ukrainian Main Military Prosecutor Anatoliy Matios said Hrabovsky died a violent death – he was shot dead. He also said that a second “suspected killer” was “arrested” in Odessa region on March 24. The “suspect” showed the place where the lawyer was “killed and buried”.

So, the U.S. State Department claims that no arrests were made, while the ukrainian bar clowns are claiming that 2 suspects were detained/or arrested? Why does none of this make any sense yet?

Then on July 20th 2016, a car bomb in Kyiv killed a Belarusian journalist named Pavel Sheremet. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko promised to find those responsible for the fatal car bombing in the middle of Kyiv. In broad daylight. With the help of security footage, a few suspects were finally remanded and charged in December 2020. Why did it take so long to round up a handful of suspects? This lady swears that she has nothing to do with the terrorist attack, and even paid for a lie detector test to prove her innocence. She certainly doesn’t seem guilty of any kind of terror or conspiracies. These events always seem to be clouded in strange nouns. It took 6 years to aquit Yana, and declare a “lack of evidence” for any convicions. Now she remins under constant supervision after being released from house arrest. You couldn’t pick a worse possible scape goat than Yana. It’s just a clown show. The dumbfuk democrats keep suggessting that Guccifer is affilated with Russian intelligence without ANY credible evidence.

Let’s move on to 2017:

    • January 2017- Ukrainian forces opened fire at least 3,016 occasions on DPR/LPR positions using small arms, grenade launchers, 82 mm mortars, 120 mm mortars, armoured fighting vehicles, tanks, 122 mm self-propelled artillery, 152 mm self-propelled artillery and B-21 “Grad” multiple rocket launchers. The Ukrainian military targeted Donetsk city, Makiivka, Yasinuvata, Zaitseve, Nikolaevka, Krasnyi Partizan, Mykhailivka, Ozeryanivka, Shyroka Balka, Dolomitne, Holmivskyi, Yasinuvata, Spartak, Kruta Balka, Staromykhailivka, Oleksandrivka. Vasiliivka, Yakovlivka, Novomariivka, Bela Kamyanka, Sakhanka, Leninske, Dzerzhinsky and Kominternove. Two civilian residents were killed and five wounded. In Luhansk People’s Republic, the Ukrainian military broke the ceasefire on more than eight occasions. Armoured fighting vehicles from Krymske engaged DPR/LPR forces at Sokolniki, which also became the target of 120 mm mortar fire. Lohvynove and Kalinivka were shelled with 152 mm artillery firing from Luhanske and Mironovske, respectively. Smile received 82 mm mortar fire from Krymske, while 120 mm volleys fired from Novozvanivka landed in Kalynove. Pervomaisk was shelled with 82 mm mortars firing from Popasna. Poroshenko signs an Occupied Territories bill designating Russia as an aggressive occupier of Donbass and Crimea. 
    • Febuary 2017- a “New Minsk Agreement” or “Marathon peace negotiations” lasts a few hours. DPR/LPR forces report an OTR-21 Tochka striking a rearguard area in the outskirts of Donetsk city, killing one civilian and wounding another two. The head of the Luhansk People’s Republic militia, Colonel Oleg Anashchenko, was killed along with another person while riding on an official car in Luhansk city when the vehicle struck an improvised explosive device. More terror tactics and blame games followed. Colonel Mikhail Tolstykh, better known by his callsign Givi was killed early in the morning in Makiivka when his office was hit by an RPO-A Shmel incendiary rocket. Military spokesman Eduard Basurin blamed Zorian Shkiryak, an adviser of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine for the attack. Ukraine and the EU twats blame Russia for the BlackEnergy malware attack without any supporting evidence. 
    • March 2017- The National Police reported that five civilians had been killed and thirteen wounded in Avdiivka during the first two months of the year. Sources from Luhansk People’s Republic said that the Ukrainian forces broke the ceasefire on at least 18 occasions within the republic borders, prompting a firefight. Deputy chief of the counterintelligence department in the Donetsk region, Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) Lieutenant Colonel Oleksandr Kharaberiush, was killed by an improvised explosive device while driving his car in the
      Oleksandr Kharaberiush

      nobody has a straight answer..

      streets of Mariupol. Intelligence sources blame pro-Russian separatists for his assassination. Oleksander was preparing a dossier the Ukrainians were going to present to the ICJ alleging Russian involvement in Ukraine. Everyone suggests that LPR/DPR were the ones responsible because ukraine and the news said so, but didn’t have any supporting evidence to claim so.
    • June 2017- NotPetya cyberattack is responsible for Petya malware installing onto government and business networks. Heavy clashes near Donbass continue with minimal civilian casualties. Civilians claim that they were not allowed to evacuate into western Ukraine, and ordered to stay in their basements. President Petro Poroshenko visited the White House on June 20, 2017 to shake hands with Trump about a coal deal.  June 27th, 2017: UAF Colonel Maksim Shapoval was assassinated in a car bombing in Kyiv that authorities are investigating as a “terrorist attack. A day later, Col. Yuriy Vozniy, officer of the Ukrainian Security Service, assassinated in a car bomb June 28, 2017. 
    • July 2017- Rex Tillerson appointed Kurt Volker, former U. S.  Ambassador to NATO, as the special representative for settling the conflict in Ukraine. Only 18% of the population supports ending the war by force, while 52% are willing to accept a negotiated compromise for the sake of peace, according to a July 2017 poll by the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, a Ukrainian think tank. Kalibr (cruise) missiles were launched at the House of Officers in Vinnytsia,” Russia’s defence ministry said in its daily update.
      The facility was hosting a conference of the Ukrainian Armed Forces command with representatives of foreign arms suppliers … The attack resulted in the elimination of the participants.

       Ukrainian officials said the victims of the attack included three children, the youngest just four years old. Zelensky calls it “terrorism”.

    • August 2017- Battle of Ilovaisk kicks off on August 7th, 2017 and lasted until August 26th, 2017 with LPR/DPR forces surrounding UAF troops. LPR/DPR troops were blamed for firing on hundreds of UAF troops retreating from the city. There is no evidence for this claim, or even so much as a body count published publicly but the media toolbags still claim it happened anyway. 
    • September 2017- The E.U. agreement with Ukrine is first to drop, then the OHCRH Documents were dropped from U.N. office to define civilian casualties.  Observers note that it’s quite difficult to get a straight answer from anyone. Timur Makhauri was car bombed on September 8th in Kyiv in broad daylight but nobody knows who was responsible. A huge flow of new weapons is shipped into Ukraine by the NATO countries while imposing new, “more restrictive sanctions” against Russia. Cease fire agreements are broken yet again and a munitions depot in Kalynivka explodes brilliantly.  The zionist faggot journos had to “FactCheck” the above video of the explosion for days on end while social media were frantically trying to scrub it from user accounts. 


  • October 2017- Congress has this Helinski Report which pretty much calls out brandon for his corrupt LNG contract bullshit. Human Rights Watch publishes thier first 2017 report for Ukraine. The State Dept publishes their “human rights” dribble here. Then the U.S. admits they are training new troops to fight LPR/DPR forces. Lieutenant General Arthur Artemenko plans to draft at least 11 thousand new service members and 500 officers. Ukraine’s state security service SBU and the state-run Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) said that an imment cyber sttack should occur around October 13th. ZERO evidence of any cyber attacks for October 2017 has been presented. Another ceasefire was violated by somebody for some reason but nobody has a clear answer. Russian media reported detention by the FSB of two “trespassers” who are claiming to be border guard officers of the Sumy post. Sec Gen discusses NATO-Russia counsel and for some strange reason, Ukrainians want to see Paul Manafort in prison. Noted that around this time until Mid Novemberish, brandon was just beginning to reel from the Burisma scandal. The video below was published on January 23rd, 2018. Here is the zionist journos claiming that brandon NEVER bribed Ukraine with $1 billion in aid to fire the prosecutor investigating Hunter tho. See how this works?  Is laundering trillions for “Military Aid” considered an extortion conspiracy? Who even voted for any of this bullshit?!🤡 #leghairs?? Adam Osmayev, wounded in one leg, said his wife Amina Okuyeva was shot in the head. Russia tried to negotiate ridiculous sanctions with the WTO to no avail. 
  • November 2017- The Burisma scandal went viral. Mykhailo Zabrodsky replaced Oleksandr Lokot on the post of head of Ukraine’s military operation in Donbas. A new Guardian article was echoed across lamestream clowns about a artilery strikes killing civilians in Avdiivka. No evidence supports the claims for either side as responsible but the lamestream derelicts decide to repeat the same thing as usual. Human Rights Office picks up where it left off. UNICEF gets on the propaganda bandwagon and Amnesty International soon follows up. OHCHR gets “FactChecked”. Igor Plotnitsky is ousted from his rank with LPR internal affairs and replaced by Igor Kornet, who is still mired in a murder scandal today. Finally the NATO disinformation board claims there was no such thing as a “Luhansk coup-attempt”. 😂Other than that one time when armed men surrounded government buildings in Luhansk in November 21st, 2017….
  • December 2017- United Nations publishes a complete report saying daily cease-fire violations in eastern Ukraine have led to more civilian deaths and “further aggravated a dire human rights and humanitarian situation”. Russian officials order all peace keeping personnel to leave the area, and MINSK contracts useless at this point. UNICEF chimes in with more concerns about civilian safety. UAF troops refuse to open humanitarian corridors going into Russian territory. U.S. agrees to send more lethal weapons to Ukraine as “Military Aid” shortfalls are blamed on the Trump administration for waiting too long to send anti tank javelins. Trump admits the “light weapons” packages aren’t effective against Russian armor. Russia is not happy about it.  Mikheil Saakashvili,was detained by Ukrainian armed services and flown to Poland while campaigning a new political party denouncing the rampant corruption. On Dec. 27, Ukrainian and combined Russian-separatist forces successfully swapped hundreds of prisoners. U.S. and NATO commanders rule out attempting to negotiate ANY diplomatic solution so long as Russia is free to occupy and transfer weapons into Donbass Region,Ukraine. Grigory Karasin told the state RIA Novosti news agency that the U.S. weapons deal 
    raises the danger of derailing the process of peaceful settlement in Ukraine.

Ukraine events 2018:

  • January 2018- Ukraine passes a bill to take back Donbass by military force if necessary. Stephen Cohen makes public remarks regarding Ukraine with a rarley seen actually decent article by the ‘The Nation’ donkeys. Worth a read- Kyiv NAZIs crash a public sigil for the slain journalists Nastya Barburova and Stas Markelov on January 20th. Nobody has a clear answer as to who killed the two journalists in Moscow but the NAZIs in Kyiv were most likely affiliated with C14. State Department releases some Putin smear piece here. Valentin Doroshenko commits murder/suicide near Odessa. No known motive was ever published. Poroshenko passes a bill to rebuff military engagement with LPR/DPR in Donbass territory right before election time. On the night of Jan. 18, at the town of Svitlodarsk, OSCE monitors noted more than 400 explosions. Fighting slowed down the following week without any ceasefire violations noted until after January 27th. On January 26, the Sejm of Poland adopted a law banning the propaganda of the so-called “Bandera ideology.” In particular, the law concerns the definition of crimes committed by Ukrainian nationalists and organizations that cooperated with the Third Reich, as well as the possibilities of opening, in accordance with Article 55 of the law on the Institute of National Remembrance, criminal proceedings against those who deny these crimes. Sam Shipman has an excellent blog post here. 卍 The OSCE-USA begins compliling a list of excuses to justify military response from Euro-NATO countries, but most of the excuses used revolve around DPR/LPR informalities and the Russian occupation of Crimea. What a weak argument. This was published Febuary 5th, 2018 and negates to mention why Russia was forced to occupy Crimea and militarily intervene in Donbass region. Ukraine was blockading Crimea preventing goods from reaching the people, while the NAZIs were indiscriminately shelling Donbass civilians they deemed to be “Russian collaberators” and “traitors”. That’s why. Anyway, it’s a really sad attempt to blame Russia for using it’s military to stomp terrorism, while provoking NATO countries to ignore OSCE committments. When was the last time the united states upheld OSCE committments?! Simply laughable.


  • Febuary 2018- Ukraine develops a “National Action Plan for Microbial Respose” in lockstep with W.H.O. while divvying up “stakeholder’s” shares?! Poroshenko says on his Facebook page:

    The adopted bill does not correspond to proclaimed principles of strategic partnership between Ukraine and Poland

  • Director of National Intelligence drops this report on Febuary 8th 2018. These clowns say,

    We expect Russia to continue using propaganda, social media, false-flag
    personas, sympathetic spokespeople, and other means of influence to try to exacerbate social and political fissures in the United States.

    Ukraine rally for Saakashvili

    Saakashvili Rally

    Thousands of Mikheil Saakashvili supporting protestors march through Kyiv demanding Poroshenko step down from office. The people were citing living conditions and humanitarian issues in a state of decay without any solutions from leadership. Mykola Zlochevsky arrives back to Ukraine after an earlier corruption scandal affiliated with Burisma. Some Halliburton clown named Serhiy Kurchenko resurfaces from the bowels of Burisma with $1/2 a billion in hand💸. Ukraine gets a security sector revamp from NATO. Then NCSC publishes their findings. I’d hate to even link this crap but Brookings clowns whip up U.S. intelligence trannies and it’s actually a pretty important factor to upcoming escaltions. Ukraine’s admin make a new bid to join the E.U. again to no avail. In summary, Ukraine’s spending on defense and security has soared since the conflict in the east started in 2014, rising to around 5% of it’s GDP totalling $6 billion. It’s beginning to seem like Ukraine administration had been planning a conflict with Russia and DPR/LPR since Yanukovych was forced out of office in 2014. What’s very telling is how Yanukovych was trying to end the corruption and rivalry between Naftogaz and Gazprom before leaving office. This all seems like it has so much to do with money and political ties more than anything, you know?  For instance, the Defense Dept drops this “Nuclear Posture Review” around Febuary 5th, 2018- then Ukraine scrambles to reform it’s military in a failed attempt to meet NATO standards around Febuary 22nd, 2018. It just seems way beyond coincidental. Almost every other conflict in the past 3 decades had to do with energy and pipelines. Ukraine had to make a decsion about NordStream and didn’t. UAF troops seem like they’re getting bored with the never ending war by now.. Amnesty International recognizes the NAZI’s in Ukraine. OCHA recognizes the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. Febuary 2018 marks Ukraine’s 4th anniversary of the “Hevanly Hundred” touted by the U.S. embassy, State Dept. and D.o.D. in Ukraine.


  • March 2018- More American weapons are signed while something about “U.N. peacekeepers” were suggessted here and it’s deliberate propaganda. Saakashvili supporters were finally cleared from downtown Kiyv. A women’s rights march was attacked on March 9th in Kiyv by members of a disbanded NAZI intelligence group leftover from the Poland invasion named Karpatska Sich. Some say it’s a mistake to arm Ukraine while diplomacy is ignored. UAF release a statement assuring they’re not NAZIs. OSCE leverages Mariupol against the long-defunct Minsk agreements?! While still ignoring any diplomatic resolution with Moscow. Still nothing diplomatic was even tried. Poroshenko doubles down on NATO membership which was denied again. If you speak Russian then you’re a traitor to Ukraine. OHCHR has a human rights update March 27th, 2018. UNHCR has a refugee update here. Here’s a brief about energy infrastructure from OHCHR clowns. 😏 OSCE wankers called Russia’s election a “sham” again. NATO and american tyrants try to root themselves into any vaccum left by another anti-corruption operation into ukraines government cronies. There’s too many energy oligarchs to even start naming but it’s kind of necessary. Warsaw Institute does great work talking about oligarchs and land owners who influence everything while the lamestream idiots pick up on Oleg Deripaska and Paul Manafort; who are friendly with Russia, in an effort to link it to Trump’s Presidential victory, and an excuse for illegally spying on Trump’s campaign, again. Here’s a list of people the OFAC blame for “election meddling” and “cyber attacks”. Mikhail Khodorkovsky says ‘Putin is mean and bad.’ 
  • April 2018- A far-right anti-corruption march on April 3rd drew 5,000-10,000 nationalist demonstrators but remained peaceful. Negotiations between Ukraine, Western allies and Russia on Donbas peacekeepers remained stalled. U.S. envoy Volker said that peacekeepers would consist of voluntary national contributions rather than be a traditional UN operation, rejected calls to strip Russia of its UN Security Council veto, and reiterated the U.S. had “not heard anything back from Russia” for three months; Moscow rebutted that Ukraine and it’s allies had still not submitted a counter-proposal to Russia’s Sept 2017 draft. Ukrainian press reported Normandy Four leaders from France, Germany and Ukraine would meet without Russia to discuss “ways to accelerate implementation of agreements”. C14 burned a Romany camp to the ground and Ukraine police were caught whitewashing the terror act. Dept of Treasury issued this statement about oligarchs. Poroshenko was on the telephone with the Prime Minister about the Skripal larp again. Mr. Yushchenko continues to blame Russia for being poisioned with dioxin 19 years ago. The fake news still expects the public to believe that Trump helped Yushenko win, while secretly working for the Kremlin?! April 19th, Russian FM Lavrov threatened “harsh retaliatory measures” after Ukraine detained crew of Russian fishing boat off Crimea. Observance of March ceasefire waned. At least five Ukrainian soldiers, six separatist fighters and eleven civilians reported killed; up to eighteen civilians injured in April, 2018. The U.S. State Dept. published a “Human Rights Report” for Ukraine with events from 2017 listed. The war rhetoric is considered at all time high. Diplomacy is ignored so
    Russian dominance in the Black Sea

    Russian NAVY seized Ukraine vassels in Azov Sea. NATO calls it “outrageous”!

    Russia started seizing Ukrainian NAVY ships, sparking an emergency meeting with U.N. clowns. 
  • May 2018- OSCE claimed Russia was refusing to comply with Human Rights Monitors, human rights violations against prisoners, and ignoring the defunct Minsk Accords with it’s military occupation. Observers recorded an uptick in skirmishes. Ukraine vows to re-take Donbass with western dictators making all the decisions for them while Russian Military relentlessly spanked Ukraine all over Donbas. The LGTBQ agenda ramps up because of NAZIs in Ukraine targeting gay rights events. Left wing groups began to retaliate by targeting Right wing affiliations inside Ukraine. The propaganda campaign coming from Government entities about sexual identity and freedom is what inspires the anti-gay violence. The 12-mile (19km), $3.7bn (£2.7bn) Kerch Bridge opened May 15th, 2018 as Moscow’s only direct road link to Crimea. UAF authorities were caught staging a kidnapping of a Russian born journalist who advocates for civil rights inside Ukraine, just to later claim that they arrested the people responsible for the REAL kidnapping that WOULD have occured if they hadn’t staged it to begin with. Then they said the would be perpetratrs were “Russian.”! Does this make any sense you!?
  • June 2018- Journalists seek for answers around the Babchenko event again. This time UAF claims to have found a hit list of 47 targets. Journalists who speak Russian, right? Anyway, the U.S. excercized with a new military base built in Poland, while a G7 summit was held in Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada, on 8-9 June 2018 and Trump said that Russia should be included.
    “I think it would be good for the world. I think it would be good for Russia. I think it would be good the United States. I think it would be good for all of the countries of the current G7. I think the G8 would be better.”
    Hungary comes under scrutiny about corruption concerns while NATO wants to send weapons to the Balkin Member States. Russian NAVY took military control of Black Sea. Ukrainian oligarchs paid John Bolton more than $100k to speak at 2 dinners, furthering the war monger’s influence with Ukraine’s affluent business owners. Roma villages were targeted with violence again in June from C14 members and a straight edge gang called “Sober Youth”
  • July 2018- Human Rights Watch cried about interrogation techniques used by the FSB against the west’s social influencer clowns inside Russia, who were stirring up shit. Everyone of these “torture victims” are still alive today, and had ties to shady western craptivist organizations. Trump and Stoltenberg met at a NATO summit to discuss defense spending. More VPNFilter malware attacks make headlines. Of course the lamestream retards blamed Russia without any evidence whatsoever. Trump and Putin met in Helsinki. Peace talks couldn’t happen without Ukraine involved. U.S. intel cronies cry about election meddling again😅
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